Theresa Ebel

Theresa’s Story

My yoga practice began around the year 2000. My exercise, up until that point, was running, biking, swimming. I was about 43 years old, a retired military spouse, a mother of four and I was looking for something a little “calmer” and also, something with less impact on my joints. It wasn’t until several years of practice, and MANY amazing instructors, that I finally began to understand that my practice was much more than the physical (asana) part. Instructors that led me through a final savasana/meditation for the last 3 to 5 minutes were practice sessions that were the best for me, as I found growth and acceptance in those moments. I found myself using breath and various postures throughout my day, depending on what area I knew needed to be addressed. Yoga became much more than an hour class a few times a week for me. I had been told by several different instructors as well as people I practiced with, that I should consider teaching. HAHAHAHAHAHA……that’s what I told myself for many years of pondering that thought! I finally had the confidence in myself enough to take the plunge and enroll in KC Fitness Link Balance Yoga 200 hour from Darryl Olive. He was reassuring, knowledgable and PATIENT! After completing my course of study, I taught as an independent contractor in several different locations in the greater KC area. One of my students mentioned her dad owned a building in Shawnee and it had a vacancy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….that’s what I told myself about THAT for quite some time until this friend arranged for me to meet her Dad at the space. He is a friend of our family and he gave me a key before I had a chance to even PAUSE and THINK. I came home and told my sweet husband that I had a key to a space and that I was going to open a yoga studio and an art gallery. He didn’t laugh, he HUGGED me :) NO BIZ PLAN…..and here I am…..

My intention for Yoga Tree was to be a space that is colorful, unpretentious, happy, affordable, easy going and friendly studio and a community of yogi’s that also give back to their local community. Our studio sponsors Project Uplift, and outreach for the homeless in our area and we are a member of Yoga for Vets. I love being able to allow opportunity to local new artists and highlight their work and have artist opening receptions for them to share their art with family and friends. I love that I am back in Shawnee, where I graduated from high school and I am blessed beyond measure to have a small business in such a wonderful community.Namaste.